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    Adhering to the innovative spirit of Sincerity for Ambition, the Kanion research institute is devoted to research on standardization, intelligence, and internationalization of TCM.

    Guided by TCM theory and focus on the advantageous areas of Chinese medicine applied the cutting-edge and advanced technology of modern medicine research and development, Kanion will research and develop innovative Chinese medicine drugs with a clearer material basis and mechanism, more refined preparations, and more precise indications, to promote the development of TCM.

    Founded in 1991, after more than 30 years of development and accumulation of innovation, the research institute has built national postdoctoral research stations, nationally accredited enterprise technology centers, the National Local Joint Engineering Research Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Proprietary Chinese Medicines, the National Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Process Control and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicines, and other state-level scientific research platforms.

    With R&D centers in Lianyungang, Nanjing, Shanghai, and other places in Jiangsu Province, the institute has a systematic R&D platform for the whole process of innovative Chinese medicine discovery-new drug R&D- re-evaluation of post-market.

    The total area of the research institute is 50,000 square metres which owns RMB 229 million value for advanced instruments and equipment.

    Kanion has been ranked No.1 in China TCM R&D Strength Ranking for many years in terms of scientific research and innovation for its over 10% R&D investment for research platforms, technological innovation, and product development.


  • 10
    More than 10 domestic and foreign research institutes jointly built laboratories
  • 50
    More than 50 new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine
  • 600
    More than 600 authorized invention patents
  • 40
    More than 40 national scientific research projects
  • 16
    Scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level
Focusing on adhering to the guiding principles of Strengthening the enterprise through science and technology and developing the enterprise by talents, Kanion spends 3-5% of its annual R&D investment on talent training and the progress of talents. Now, Kanion has a research team of more than 500 people with different professional majors, with a ratio of over 70% of doctoral and master’s degrees.
Over the years, we have trained 44 doctoral and master's tutors including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 experts with special governmental subsidies under the State Council, 1 with Qihuang Scholar of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1 expert of the National Ten Million Talents Project, 1 Shuangchuang Talents team of Jiangsu Province, and 9 with 333 High-level Talents Cultivation Project of Jiangsu Province,1 selected into Jiangsu Province double-creative team, 2 people selected into double-creative talent, 9 people selected Jiangsu Province 333 high-level talent training project. The innovative Chinese medicine R&D team won the "Sixth National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talents" in 2021 (the only one in Jiangsu), and Kanion Research Institute won the 20th "National Youth Civilisation" in the same year.
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