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Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical is a Large-scale Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprise that focuses on researching, manufacturing, and marketing. Domestic, Kanion is a national key high-tech enterprise, a national model enterprise for technology innovation, and ranked Top 100 in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry,5th of the Top 10 Chinese Medicine Enterprises, and Top 20 Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies. Until now, the number of employees has been over 5,000.

Kanion had a National Key Laboratory of TCM Pharmaceutical Process Control and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, National Local Joint Engineering Research Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Proprietary Chinese Medicines, etc. national research platform. The research laboratory rewarded the National Key Laboratory of Excellent Enterprise in 2018, which is No.1 in the whole field of medicine.

Kanion has 56 national innovative TCM, over 600 invention patents, and has undertaken more than 40 scientific and technological programs. Awarded one 2nd prize for national technological invention, three 2nd prizes for national, and ten 1st prizes for provincial and ministerial scientific and technological improvement, Kanion has been ranked as the first in the list of China TCM R&D Strength Ranking over the years.GUIZHIFULING has completed Phase Ⅱ clinical trials in the United States and is a model TCM product of Chinese medicine internationalization.

Adhering to the mission of revitalizing traditional Chinese medicine and serving our motherland, Kanion has formed an innovative development model that takes Chinese medicine as the primary line and develops chemical medicine, biological medicine as branches during the 40 years of development, and simultaneously promoting quality enhancement and scale expansion of health industry. To improve the core competitiveness comprehensively.

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  • 56
    56 new traditional Chinese medicine drugs have been approved and more than 50 new drugs are under research
  • 40+
    It has undertaken more than 40 national science and technology projects such as 973 Plan and 863 plan
  • 600+
    It has more than 600 effective invention patents and 2 China Patent Gold Awards

Xiao Wei,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Doctor, Researcher, Supervisor of PhD of Chinese Medicine Pharmacology,Chairman of the Board of Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,the member of 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th National People's Congress,current director  of the National Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Process Control and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of TCM and director of the National Local Joint Engineering Research Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Proprietary Chinese Medicines,executive member of the National Pharmacopeia Committee, vice president of the Chinese Society of TCM, and executive director of the Chinese Society of Integrative Medicine.

Xiao Wei has been dedicated to the field of Chinese medicine creation of new drugs, quality control of production process, and intelligent manufacturing for over 40 years, which made significant contributions to the research and manufacturing improvement for TCM and natural medicine. Now, he is entitled to the special allowance of the State Council.As the Chief Scientist of 973,he awarded one 2nd prize of National Technological Invention(Ranked 1st),two 2nd prizes of National Scientific and Technological Improvement(Ranked 1st and 2nd ),five 1st prizes of Provincial Scientific Improvement,he Liang He li Foundation Award for Scientific and Technological,Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology,National Innovation and Sprint Award,National May Day Labour Award,National Outstanding Science and Technology Worker,National Advanced Individual in Combating the COVID-19.

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